Having such a long history in trading other then the trading of some traditional products we represent several firms of exclusive basis for different regions of the world giving us an edge with global and volume buying allowing us to offer a competitive price.

We offer a range of products for which can be used in various industries:
Co-generation Plants, (production of energy from Bio-Mass)
Ethanol Plant
Pulp and Paper
Mining Industry
Cement Industry
Sugar Industry
Power sector

The products we can offer are as follows:
BMA Germany: Engineering studies, Centrifugals, Falling film evaporator, sugar process equipment. We represent BMA on an exclusive basis for Pakistan.
Steam Turbines from Brazil
Renk Zanini – Brazil: High speed gears amongst other things.
GEVISA: Electric motors and Alternators
Fertron: Automation equipment for various industries
Nivoba: Ethanol Plants from non Molasses products
Watersaver: World leader in Supplying Geo-Membrane lining.

More information is available on the above products and firms go to the sub menu.