For more then 150 years, BMA Germany has been and continues to be one of the leading suppliers to the sugar industry worldwide. BMA’s sugar division program comprises:

Planning, design, fabrication, supply, assembly, installation and commissioning of process sections for cane and beet sugar factories and sugar refineries.
Expansion and modernization of existing plants.


Plants components, machinery, apparatus and equipment:

Centrifugals, batch and continuous types.
Cooling crystallizers.
Diffusion plants for sugar cane and beet sugar factories.
Dryer / cooler for sugar, drum type.
Dryer / cooler for sugar, fluidized-bed type.
Engineering, basic and detail, consulting work and engineering studies.
Extraction pints for sugar beet factories.
Fluidized-bed steam dryer.
Juice purification systems.
Molasses / Massecuite mingle.
Pan seeding systems
Spare parts & Accessories.
Vacuum pans, batch and continuous types (VKT).
Waste water treatment plants.