Whilst marketing our products we saw there is gap in the need for the right consultation and someone to ask the client “WHY you need this?” Once we started to do this and started to speak to our clients and make them lay out their plans and future goals, we realized that the solution the client is asking for was not the always the most economical one and that by changing it we actually saved them a substantial amount of investment and were able to increase their returns..

By having an independent consultation one is able to provide a non bias opinion, with us using this bridging the line of communication between the client, consultant and manufacture, we are able to also use the long history our principles have in making their products and listen to their views on the same which results in saving and increase in revenue. Making it easier for the client to see how his industry will run in all phases of expansions and a good idea of financial return.

So today with us working with independent consultants and firms, and with our principles we are able to offer you the full package.

We can provide Consultation in the following fields
Agricultural Studies
Providing different varieties of sugar cane
Feasibility studies for new green field plants
Basic and detailed Engineering
Energy and steam saving studies for existing plants
Heat and Steam Balance studies
Congregation Studies