With our head office in the UK we are centrally positioned to overview our actives in from consulting in Europe, manufacturing from countries such as Brazil, Pakistan, India and Europe, and expertise from across the globe, we are able to offer the most cost effective solution to our clients.

 Having entered into this market in the first quarter of 2005, we are humbled to say that we have been successful in installing 36MW worth of power in 5 sugar factories in Pakistan, and are now part of a new concept factory in Pakistan which is making sugar from Sugar cane and Beet as well as Cogenerating. As well as working with the government on their blending policy and cogeneration policy.

 With ever strengthen our foundations, we are moving into other markets and other sectors of the world, rather then just helping set up plants and we are organizing buyers for our clients for their products such as ethanol, carbon credits, and so forth, and are now working closely with some banks in helping fiancé such projects as well.

Having a history of activity in Africa dating back to 1978 and good understanding of the same, we start studying the possibilities of such ?? Sugar project in Africa. By developing such projects not only are you creating development in Africa which at the moment most government are giving very encouraging incentives for, you are also being able to feed the ever growing Middle East demand for Raw Sugar. By producing ethanol as a by product you are able to sell to the ever emerging markets of the EU and Japan as well as others. By producing power you are able to feed the local grid which in most countries offer very good terms.