Renewable Energy

With the recent increase in interest agro based industry and now a new age of Ethanol which is being referred to as Green Gold and people predict will be one day traded as a crude oil is now; also with more countries are following the Koyota treaty and want to reduce there CO2 emission, and dependency on fossil fuel. With Global warming becoming a true threat to the way of life, and the changes becoming apparent today, trying to find the sustainable solution for these problems is becoming difficult.

One is faced with many new questions such as the argument of Food vs. Fuel and the environmental impact of producing green power as in some cases there is more power used in producing green energy hence it become illogical to go that way.

We have with our with a history and experience in trading around the globe we are able to give a global solution to a global problem and can help in showing how you can make a sustainable, innovative and integrated project showing a win win scenario for all involved. We have been able to show that there are ways in which you can tackle all question and still set up a very viable project.